Internet Safety

Children’s safety is always a huge concern for all of us when they’re on the internet, so here’s a few tips to help keep them safe.

If they’re on social media befriend them:

That way you’ll be able to see who their friends are and who they are talking too. Also tell them not to befriend anybody they have never met in person. If they’ve got a thousand Facebook friends, then that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Tell them not to share personal information:

Like full names, Email addresses, phone numbers etc.

Make sure they know they should never meet anybody that you don’t know as their parents:

You know who their friends are. We have all heard the awful stories.

Let them know they shouldn’t open emails or texts from unknown sources:

These can contain virus’s, horrible images or other nasty things. They should delete them straight away.

They shouldn’t always trust information on the internet:

There’s a lot of stuff that’s not true and people who aren’t who they say they are.

Be nosy:

Randomly have a look at what they’re looking at. Children are far less likely to be doing things behind your back if you could check what they’re looking at, at any given moment.

Limit the amount of time that they spend online:

It gives them less time to get in trouble.
Read more about internet safety from the government website.

With all this information on board they should be fine online, so surfs up!

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