The Art of Story Reading

My Grandad mastered the art of story reading. One of my happiest childhood memories is my Grandad reading me a book when I was tucked up in bed called The Blue Banana. I loved it. There was a blue banana that could taste of whatever you wanted it to. Chocolate ice cream, roast dinner even apple pie. The king tore the kingdom apart to find one. It was such a nice memory that when old Grandad died, I got a tattoo of a blue banana on my arm (much to the tattooist’s great amusement,) because to me, that was the essence of him.

Do you read to your kids?

To make a story sound fun, you have to read it in an exciting and inventive way. You’re painting a picture with your words after all. Try and use a lot of expression, like you’re performing a play rather than reading a book.

Try and do different voices for the characters if you can, if you can’t then that’s even funnier when you try. Discuss what’s happening with your child as you go, talk about what’s happened, let them guess what’s going to happen next.

Most importantly of all, if you enjoy reading the book, then there’s a really good chance your child will enjoy hearing it. With my own books, I always write it with you, the parent in mind. I make sure that you will love reading them too. Chapters are always bite sized, the perfect size to read one or two each night depending how it’s going.

So, give it a try, you could create happy memories that last a life time for them just like my Grandad.

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