What is Barry S. Brunswick's
Tall Tales about? 

Three light bites make a whole meal. Travel to three very different worlds in this collection of imaginative original and moving short stories. From the gritty urban heart-warming Home to the hilarious zombie and vampire riddled post-apocalyptic world inside Flesh and blood and finishing with the heartbreaking Savage Wild.

Age Group
Over 8 year old.

What will your child learn?

Home is a heart-warming and moving tale where they will learn that helping a fellow human being can be easier than most think it is. They will learn what PTSD is and how at times people can end up homeless delivered in a gritty and thought-provoking way.

Flesh and Blood is a comedy tale where they will learn lessons in sustainability and bravery. It’s horror without the horror brought to them with an original twist.

The Savage Wild is a jungle book style story about nature. About how the wild and life is an endless battle for survival. And how even on our own doorstep the battle goes on daily.

10% of All Book Sale Profits go towards Save the Children

Barry S. Brunswick Supports Save the Children

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