Living with Depression

For the latest in my human wellbeing series, I’m writing about living with depression. This is really uncomfortable for me as I will be sharing more of myself than ever before on a public platform. I’ll be telling you things that nobody really knows about me and I have to be strong to write this. The reason I’m doing this, is to help anyone who is living with depression. I’m uncomfortable, but I’ve puffed my chest out and been brave, with the hope that maybe you will be inspired to do the same thing.

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Human Wellbeing: The Gift of Friendship

This week’s human wellbeing blog is an unselfish one. It’s about friendship. Having and being a good friend is one of the most rewarding and beautiful parts of life, it’s good for your heart, good for your soul and wonderful for your own wellbeing.

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Parents Wellbeing: The Benefits of Mindfulness

Normally I write blogs for you to have fun with your kids but in this new series I will be focusing on you, the parents and your wellbeing. Who are the best parents? Happy parents and I’d like to help you be happy. On the first Thursday of each month, I will be publishing a blog focusing on different aspects of your wellbeing. This is the first one in the series and it’s about mindfulness. Continue reading Parents Wellbeing: The Benefits of Mindfulness