Scribbling Away by Candlelight

Igniting Kid’s Imagination
Barry S. Brunswick

‘Once upon a time, there was a wizard and that wizard had a dream. His dream was to spark kid’s imagination through the telling of amazing tales. So, with his pointy hat on his head and his long and slender fingers, he picked up a pen and began to write. The candle flickered as the pages turned one after the other, night after night.

He journeyed long and journeyed far. He went all the way to the mountains, through the forests and valleys. He travelled through the mists of time and through the wonders of space. He met dragons and ghosts and a myriad of magic creatures along the way. And, he did it all without ever leaving his chair.

As the images ran wild through his mind, his pen scratched away on the paper. Then one day, after many years and much toil, he had done it. He had created wondrous books to ignite kid’s imagination and to help them to think and grow and dream.

And just in case you wondered, the wizard still journeys through story world and scribbles by candlelight to this day.’

The End