You’ll need at least one friend or sibling to play this  game with but it can be played with a maximum of four people.

You will need:
Pencils, rectangle piece of paper

1. It starts with a piece of paper fold like this:


2. Decide who goes first. You can either flip a coin, roll a dice, pick a card, draw straws or play stone paper scissors to decide.

3. Make sure it can’t be seen by who you’re playing with and then in the top section of the page draw a head, face and neck like this.
Barry S. Brunswick_Silly Character Game_54. Then fold it back but be sure you draw a small dash where the two lines of the neck end, so that your friend knows where to start drawing the next section from.

5. Now hand it to your friend. It’s their turn. They draw a body and again leave two lines where the body stops like this:
Barry S. Brunswick_Silly Character Game_6
6. Fold that section back so once again no one can see it.

7. Next, you guessed it, the first or third person draws some legs:
Barry S. Brunswick_Silly Character Game_7
8. One more time fold it back and finally, whoever goes last, draw the feet like this:
Barry S. Brunswick_Silly Character Game_8
9. Open up the paper and the result is a whacky character that should make you laugh your head off.
Barry S. Brunswick_Silly Character Game_9

Remember that the sillier the character, the funnier the game is.