Learn How to Create a Board Game

You will need:
Cardboard, ruler, pencils, scissors

1. Draw a grid on a piece of cardboard, choosing carefully the amount of squares you want. The more squares, the bigger the game. Something like this will do:


2. Now number the squares in order starting at number one in the top left corner.

3. Colour the squares just for fun. Click on the image to enlarge.


4. You can get creative and draw Snakes and Ladders or maybe Worms and Drainpipes from one square to another. I decided to put sea creatures on mine.

5. Think of a name for your game. My game’s called Under the Sea.

6. Write a few instructions for your game. For my game, if you land on a square with a shark, you have to miss a go, but if you land on a square with an octopus, you roll again. The winner is the first to reach the treasure!

You could even print and play my game, but remember to ask your parents first. 



How to Make your own Counters for a Board Game

Use coins of a different value for each player.

How to make your own Dice

1. Cut a hexagon out of a piece of cardboard.

2. Number each edge, one to six.

3. Carefully make a small hole with a pair of scissors.


4. Push a pencil through this hole. Now hold the pencil on the end and spin it with your fingers and which number it lands on is yours.

Round and round the dice will go. Where will it stop? Nobody knows!