It's time for the fun to begin!

Benji is a dog, but not just any dog, he is a secret agent dog! He is a super dog!! In fact, Benji is a WONDERDOG!!! And his owner Timmy, has no idea. Read More

Crafty Colouring, exactly what it says on the tin. Ask your parents if you can download and print the image and then you can colour it in and away you go, let artistic magic flow!
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Perplexing Printable Puzzles, say that ten times fast! Ask your folks if you can print out this page to solve the Find-a-Word and the Crossword. Read More

You’ll need a friend or sibling for this  Silly Character Game but it can be played with up to four people. Read More

Bored? So, make a Board Game or even a bored game! Here’s a quick guide to get you started.
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Why don’t you try inventing your own Fantasy Animal? Whether it’s a bird, fish, mammal or reptile, alien, monster or even a dinosaur!
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