There are 13 fruit-based words to find. Download to print a copy.



Try this cosmic crossword, it's all about Space. Download to print a copy.


Down Clues
1. (7) The largest planet in the solar system.
3. (9) A person that goes to space.
4. (4) The red planet.
6. (6) A craft for travelling through space.
7. (7) Green gas giant. Named after the Greek God of the sea.
8. (9) Rocks flying through space.
10. (5) Ball of ice that zooms through space, famous for having a tail.

Across Clues
2. (3) Our home star.
5. (5) Burning balls of gas in space.
6. (9) Famous for its rings.
9. (7) Mercury, Venus and Earth are these.
11. (2) A little alien that needs to phone home.
12. (4) Natural satellite that orbits a planet.
13. (5) It used to be a planet but now it’s a dwarf planet.
14. (6) This planet is always the butt of the joke.