A world of imagination. A child of prophecy.

With evil on the horizon, can he save a wondrous land?

When crippling fear threatens the dimension of dreamers, one boy must seize his destiny to stop the creeping darkness.


A magical must read
This book holds so many magical moments, there were times I could hardly breath as I read it. This author takes hold of you, engaged and captivates you and only releases as you read the last line.

Dzintra Sullivan | Amazon Review

Magical, spiritual, funny, genius
Barry S. Brunswick has an imagination unrivaled by any other MG writer I have ever read. Dreamland's world is rich, deep, and incredibly magical!
Jacki Larmore | Amazon Review

Nice for teenagers.
My daughter chose this book when I asked her to choose any .. she hates reading and this one was her choice. she likes it, reading 30 min a day.
Beata K | Amazon Review

Perfect for a child or adult.
Fun read. I loved the positive messages and exciting journey. Reading it was an absolute dream.
Mary Murray | Amazon Review

Wonderful adventure.
Me and my 10 year old son read this book together every night. What a wonderful adventure. I highly recommend this book.
Amazon Customer