Bubbling Bellies

This is an excerpt from Barry S. Brunswick’s Chapter-Book Fantasy Adventure The War of The Turnips.


On they went into to darkness, chatting amongst themselves.

“Oh, Gertie,” Timmy asked. “Where did you learn to fight? You really are good at it.”

“My father sent me to train with Maggi the sorcerer when I was just a young ‘un. Each member of my family for many generations has trained with him. We are taught to fight when we are young so that we can protect ourselves and our people.”

“Maggi, wow, you couldn’t get a better teacher than that.” Timmy remembered back to the golden turnip fields of home and the stories he’d heard. “Is it true then, the Golden Turnip, I mean?”

“Oh, Timmy, I would not be doing my duty if I was to tell you about our kingdom’s biggest secrets.” She smiled at Timmy with a glint in her eye, and with that, Timmy knew that the Golden Turnip really was real.

The journey continued right through the day, and the weary warriors needed to rest. They found a good place and slumped their tired bodies to the ground as the wizard, with a mere miraculous click of his mighty fingers, lit a fire. They slept in the warmth of the orange glow safely all night.

The sun cracked the morning, though under the trees they could never know if it was day or night, the group made ready and headed back on the dark, deadly, dangerous trail.

They marched right through the morning and into the afternoon, when out of the shadow there came a noise. They stopped and listened carefully, and then they heard the noise again.

It went, “BURP!”

“Timmy, I beg your pardon. Was that you?” Gertie exclaimed.

“No, it most certainly was not.” He blushed.

“Then which one of you was it?” She looked around the group.

Jimmy shook his head. “It wasn’t me.”

They all looked at the wizard.

“What? I would never do such a thing.” He protested.


The dog looked most insulted as he shook his head.

Then out of the shadows. “BURP…! BURP…! BBBUUURRRPPP!”

“My word,” said the wondrous wizard. “Someone does have a bubbly belly.”

“Let’s go on further and find out what’s going on,” Gertie said.

The group crept along as the burps grew louder all the time. Then they started to come from different directions. It certainly wasn’t just one bubbly belly; it was many bubbly bellies.

They came to a wall of trees packed so tightly together it was hard for them to squeeze between them, but that was where the noises were coming from. So, sucking in stomachs and snaking around the thick trunks, eventually they reached the other side, and as if it was magic, the trees canopy opened up and the light poured in. For the first time in many days they could see.

Stretched out before them was a vast swamp. “BURP…! BURP…! BELCH…! BURP!”

“Oh, yes, of course, how silly of me,” the wizard said. “It’s the belching swamp.”

“The belching swamp—but why does it burp?” Gertie asked.

“It’s the toads. They’re called burping toads. They have so many bubbles in their bellies it makes them burp all the time. If you’re creepy quiet, you might just see one.”

They were all very quiet indeed, and they crept on their toes until finally they did see one in a bush. Sure enough, it was a big, fat, warty, brown toad. They watched as it caught a fly with its long, green, sticky tongue, and then it went, “BURP!”

“Oh, they really are burping toads. They’re disgusting!” Gertie exclaimed.

The toad jumped off the bush and slopped down into the muddy water.

“Oh, if you think they’re disgusting, you should go to the Fluffing Marsh. There, the frogs fluff, and I’m afraid it smells quite a lot worse that this swamp does.”


They stood, soaking up the warmth of the sun that they had missed so much and decided to wait until morning to make their way through the swamp. With alligators and leeches and poisonous snakes and mosquitoes, this swamp would be the deadliest, most dangerousist path, full of petrifying, perilous perils that could cause them to perish in a demise most grisly at any given moment.

This is an excerpt from Barry S. Brunswick’s Chapter-Book Fantasy Adventure The War of The Turnips.

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