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Free Crossword and Word Search for Kids


Hello, for a little fun I’ve made some printable puzzles for you. Check out this sport crossword and word search for kids. The word search has fifteen answers that are all about sport. They are the same as the crossword answers, so you can solve the clues to find out which words you need to find or find the words to work out the answers to the crossword. The choice is yours!

Sport Word Search for Kids


Sport Crossword for Kids


1. (13) Sport where you lift heavy weights.
4. (7) A summer sport with a bat and ball. Also a singing insect.
5. (6) The art of fist fighting, and the day after Christmas.
6. (6) A pitch, and oval or a diamond are all types of sport_________
10.(7) Game played on a table with a cue using diffrent coloured balls. It’s not pool.
13.(6) Played on a court using a racket.
14.(7) Several fast runs.

2. (7) A game where you use your feet to score a goal.
3. (5) Game with egg shaped ball where you score tries.
4. (7) Like bowls on ice with lots of sweeping.
7. (8) The art of travelling through water.
8. (4) Hit the ball into the hole with a club in this game.
9. (7) Sport helps with this.
11. (4) Baseball and cricket players use these. Sometimes they’re blind and fly.
12.(3) If you were to run somewhere you would say you _____.


Come back soon for more great crosswords and word search for kids. Or check out kids corner on my website or my free fun book for more puzzles games and projects.

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