The Diary of a Wizard – Week Four

Hey friend! Welcome to the best blog written by a wizard. This week, I’m going to see my best friend Caladium Crane. She’s a 500-year-old cave witch, don’t you know? She says she has a special quest for us to go on. I can’t wait to see what she’s got for me.

The Diary of a Wizard – Week Two

Hey there friend! Welcome back to the best blog around.

This week I will be spending a few days with the merpeople. The King Gillian, has been having trouble with feral sea horses and the kelp garden needs some pruning. I have to say I’m looking forward to this one!

The Diary of a Wizard – Week One

Hey there friend!! Welcome to the best blog about the life of a wizard!

This week I’ll need to get to the library to do some research. Sounds easy right? Well if was the run of the mill, high street library you’d probably be right, but this is the ancient library where all wizardly knowledge is kept. I know, I keep telling them to go digital, but these wizards are really set in their ways.

Human Wellbeing: Dealing with Ego

First, I’ll start by apologising for not writing as many of these articles as I should have, frankly my only excuse is 2020, but you know. It’s a new year so hey ho. At last, the latest in the Human Wellbeing series is here, and today we’re going to cover the subject of ego.

What The Book? A Great New Podcast and My First Interview

What the Book? While this looks like a typo, and I was really trying to say something rude, it is in fact a new podcast. If you like authors, books or more particularly, laughing, you may well enjoy a listen.

Barry’s Favourite Fantasy Books: Gaeamundi by J.S. Larmore

Hey there friends!

As you know, I write some fantasy books, and sometimes I like to read fantasy books too and one of the fantasy books I read recently, I enjoyed so much, I invited the author to tell you about her and her amazing book. Her name is J.S Larmore and I am lucky to now, call her my friend. I think she may be your friend too but, I’m going to let her tell you all about that.

Human Wellbeing: The Joy Revolution


The Revolution

My friends, fellow humans, good and wondrous souls, you are the soldiers of the revolution. For this revolution we need no weapons, (hey, put that pitchfork down, I said we need ‘no’ weapons). We will shed no blood, cause no pain, we are soldiers of the Joy Revolution or #Joyrevolution.

Living with Depression

For the latest in my human wellbeing series, I’m writing about living with depression. This is really uncomfortable for me as I will be sharing more of myself than ever before on a public platform. I’ll be telling you things that nobody really knows about me and I have to be strong to write this. The reason I’m doing this, is to help anyone who is living with depression. I’m uncomfortable, but I’ve puffed my chest out and been brave, with the hope that maybe you will be inspired to do the same thing.

Christmas Gifts for Kids

Each year it becomes increasingly difficult to find ‘good’ Christmas gifts for kids. By ‘good’, I mean gifts that will stimulate the mind, encourage creativity or get the body moving. Most importantly, be FUN and make memories! Last year I gave you some gift ideas that helped you buy presents for nieces and nephews and this year, I am continuing this theme but with some super cool new ideas.

The Things that Happen on Earth: A Poem by Barry S. Brunswick

This week for my blog I’ve written a poem that’s not in my usual style. This is about humanity, about the arguments we have, about how divided we are as a species and the winds of change that are threatening to blow a storm. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

Benji the Wonderdog in Space, a Comic Strip for Kids

Part 2

This week it’s the second part of my comic strips for kids Benji the Wonderdog: Benji in space. Read part 1 here if you missed it.

The last time we saw Benji he was stuck under a huge pile of rocks with his friend Ruby Red, and if that wasn’t bad enough, he was surrounded by 12-foot alien robot cats! Will he meet a grisly end? Will he escape the jaws of death? Find out now.

Benji the Wonderdog in Space, a Comic Strip for Kids

Part 1

This weeks blog, is one of my comic strips for kids. Meet Benji the Wonderdog, he’s a secret agent dog and this is the story of when he went to space to help a race of alien dogs. So, if it’s comic strips for kids you’re looking for this is the place for you.

Human Wellbeing: The Gift of Friendship

This week’s human wellbeing blog is an unselfish one. It’s about friendship. Having and being a good friend is one of the most rewarding and beautiful parts of life, it’s good for your heart, good for your soul and wonderful for your own wellbeing.

Parents Wellbeing: The Benefits of Mindfulness

Normally I write blogs for you to have fun with your kids but in this new series I will be focusing on you, the parents and your wellbeing. Who are the best parents? Happy parents and I’d like to help you be happy. On the first Thursday of each month, I will be publishing a blog focusing on different aspects of your wellbeing. This is the first one in the series and it’s about mindfulness.

Free Crossword and Word Search for Kids

Hello, for a little fun I’ve made some printable puzzles for you. Check out this sport crossword and word search for kids. The word search has fifteen answers that are all about sport. They are the same as the crossword answers, so you can solve the clues to find out which words you need to find or find the words to work out the answers to the crossword. The choice is yours!

Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales: 3 Short Stories for Kids

Allow me to tell you three tales about three tales. My latest creation, Barry S. Brunswick’s Tall Tales, is a collection of very different short stories for kids and colourful illustrations brought together for one book. This is the story of how they happened.

Funny Poems for Kids: Yucky Valentine’s Day Love Poems

This week for my funny poems for kids series, it’s funny Valentine’s Day poems. So, it’s time to get unromantic and laugh our way through love’s yuckiest day! Check out this collection of five funny poems for kids with a Valentine’s theme.

Benji the Wonderdog: Origins, a Comic Strip for Kids

This week, it’s a one of my comic strips for kids. Meet Benji the Wonderdog, he’s a secret agent dog and this is the story of how he got recruited by the natural intelligence agency. So, if it’s comic strips for kids you’re looking for this is the place for you.