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Fun With Mum


Compared to kids, parents are mostly boring. When was the last time you played on the swings, or grabbed your friend and screamed TAG YOUR IT, climbed a tree, wondered at the stars or created an imaginary world?

Inspirational Ideas to Learn How To Be A Fun Mum Again

  • Family baking day
  • Camping in the backyard
  • Picnics under the table on rainy days (my personal favourite)
  • Randomly start skipping instead of walking, makes me smile every time.
  • YouTube karaoke in your own living room, look at Barry Brunswick’s Favourite Karaoke Sing-Along playlist to get you started.
  • Don’t give into the need to be organised all the time, sometimes it’s best to Let it Flow! The kids are fed, watered, breathing and HAPPY so all is good in your world.
  • Join in the dress-ups and imagination play, maybe even create a family play

She’s not just being fun, she is having fun –

  • Write love notes, riddles and jokes and leave them on their bathroom mirror (I watched my sister writing these notes for her kids and she loved writing them as much as the kids loved reading them)
  • Allow one room in the house to be the messy room (clean, but messy) – well maybe for a week at a time anyway. A room where you stop stressing of all the messing.
  • Dance time. Crank up the tunes and your kids will learn the power of music.
  • Chalk drawings on the sidewalk – Mary Poppins Style. Jump into the scene and image you are there.
  • Search for fairy hide outs in the park
  • Jump in puddles – even if you are not wearing gum boots
  • Don’t compare yourself to other mums, your fun is different and that’s OK.
  • Visit our Kids Corner for more fun ideas

Don’t Lose the Essence of You

Travel back in time, to a long forgotten time when you had a name that wasn’t mum. Remember that woman who was free to do (or not do) anything she wanted. Free to wake up late on weekends and spend three hours eating brunch with friends. Free to take spontaneous holidays without checking if the place is kid-friendly.

Fun Mum is an attitude, not something you do. – Be A Fun Mum .com

Don’t forget the person you were before you became a mum. That person is the real you. The motherhood chapter of your life is just a chapter, not the whole amazing story. But you want that chapter to be called the Fun Mum Tales.

Answer These Questions About Your Childhood

  1. When you think of your childhood, what’s the one word that describes your mum? Was she a fun mum?
  2. When your kids look back on their childhood, what word would they use to describe you?

Now, if the answers above were not really what you hoped for, it might be time to re-visit what being a mother means to you and to your kids. It’s too easy to let the everyday mundane routines get in the way of real living. Routines are important but not more so then enjoying life with your children.

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