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Zombie Books for Kids


Where Can I Find a Suitable Children’s Zombie Book?

The first place to look for a fun and exciting kids horror book is Barry S. Brunswick’s Flesh and Blood.

Hi it’s Barry here.

For quite some time I wanted to write a scary children’s book and wondered what the best way is to present a child friendly horror story. I had an idea for a good children’s story based around a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. I hadn’t read stories about zombies and vampires together (although they probably do exist) and the thought about the relationship that the two undead creatures would have.

I knew it would have to be a gory yet funny story, to make sure it was a tale not too scary for children. After all, we want horror stories that won’t give kids nightmares, don’t we?

Barry S. Brunswick’s Flesh and Blood is a gripping tale of survival where the zombies and vampires battle for life on an ever-depleting human population. Watch the zombies, the gruesome Bleegly family as they start to run out of flesh to munch, and the Joneses, an endangered family of vampires with nothing but vermin to suckle and the humans, stuck behind the barricades of Check Point Beta where they are protected by their mighty leader, Major Hollows. As it’s a Barry Brunswick book, of course, it’s a tale for younger readers with an original twist. In a fit of rage Mr Jones, bites Mr Bleegly and Mr Bleegly bites Mr Jones and thus are infected with both zombie and vampire therefore they become zompires! A new, even more terrifying enemy than zombies or vampires could ever be.

It’s a colourfully illustrated, fast paced, action packed adventure, full of thrills and spills and is available from Amazon as an ebook or in paperback as part of Barry S. Brunswick’s Tall Tales which is an imaginative collection of short stories for kids.

Is Flesh and Blood an Age Appropriate Horror Story?

I like to recommend it for children over eight as it has plenty of comedy gore that could scare the very young ones.

Where Can I Get Original and Intelligent Children’s Books at Sensible Prices?

All my books are available now from Amazon and they’re books that won’t break your budget. Whether your looking for family friendly stories for bedtime, imaginative gifts for kids or just something different to read yourself. Check out the shop page to find out more and even catch a sneaky look inside.

Barry S. Brunswick is an author. You can buy his books on Amazon: 
Dreamland Part 1 – The Fabric of Dreams
Dreamland Part 2 – The Masters of Light
The War of The Turnips
Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales – A Short Story Collection
Inner Outer – A Poetry Collection

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