Kid’s Cooking: The Power of Flour

‘Kon’nichiwa one and all, I am chef Inamoto and welcome to my kitchen. I have a couple of great, lip-smacking, belly-satisfying and yummy recipes for you. Kids cooking is inventive, creative and fun, so let’s give it a go.’

Left Over Turkey Recipes: Turkey and Ham Pie

After the Christmas dinner is over and the family have all gone home, what are you left with? Lots and lots of leftover turkey and probably some Christmas ham, so unless you want turkey or ham sandwiches every day for a month, finding some good left over turkey recipes to use it up in a lip smackingly delicious way is what you need. Here is my one of my favourite left over turkey recipes: Turkey and Ham Pie.

Halloween: Funny Food Ideas

Hi again, you remember last week we covered Halloween decorations for our crazy Halloween party and this week we’re going to get the food ready. Check out my Halloween twists to make food that matches the rest of the fun. We’re going to start with an old favourite at my family Halloween parties…