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Barry’s Favourite Fantasy Books: Gaeamundi by J.S. Larmore


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As you know, I write some fantasy books, and sometimes I like to read fantasy books too and one of the fantasy books I read recently, I enjoyed so much, I invited the author to tell you about her and her amazing book. Her name is J.S Larmore and I am lucky to now, call her my friend. I think she may be your friend too but, I’m going to let her tell you all about that.

See you friends!


And take it away J.S Larmore

From Editor To Author

My name is J.S. Larmore. I live in America, and I would love to tell you a little bit about how I became an author! It all began when an old friend asked me for a little favor. She wanted me to become her editor! I was overjoyed. I love books. I love reading, and I couldn’t wait to be involved in the world of creating them.

It didn’t take long for me to realize, though I loved being her editor and still do, that I wanted to create worlds of my own. So, I started to write. I wasn’t sure where it would lead, or even if I would finish, but I was so excited to be taking the leap and following a dream I had hidden away for most of my adult life.

Well, lo and behold, I did finish! I completed my first novel, and I kept on writing. Now I’m working on my third fantasy book in the same trilogy, and I have found my calling. Creating magical worlds to bring others happiness and ignite their imaginations is what I was meant to do. So, if you love magic and fantasy, realms of mythical creatures, and daring battles all mixed in with our own modern world, allow me to introduce you to Gaeamundi of The Wielders Series, one of Barry’s favorite fantasy books!


Urban Fantasy Book

Gaeamundi is an urban fantasy book that follows Alvina Vaughn as she discovers that she has supernatural powers. Alvina leaves her mundane life behind and enters the Wielding community, a magical world hidden within our own. There she learns to control her powers, and discovers that ours is not the only world out there.

When a powerful Wielder goes missing, Alvina and her new friends take it upon themselves to try and find him. Alvina soon discovers, that like most things in life, not everything in the Wielding world is what is seems. Her dreams of becoming a magical being and living inside her beloved fantasy books may soon become a nightmare. Will Alvina be able to save the missing Wielder, and possibly the world? Or will her newfound powers consume her? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Here’s a sneak peak at what you’ll find inside the pages of Gaeamundi:

“Miss Vaughn, you are a very special young woman. You possess certain attributes, shall we say. At the age of six, you began exhibiting signs of what you are,” Archard stated.

“I’m sorry. I’m not following. What do you mean what I am?” She sat back in her chair, subconsciously distancing herself from the man before her. He wasn’t making sense. In fact, none of it was making any sense.

“Let me ask you something. Have you had anything strange happen to you in the last few days? Something you couldn’t explain? Slight changes in appearance, or maybe a much-desired promotion. Perhaps you came into some money or property?” he asked cryptically. He gave her a knowing smile.

Alvina stared at him in shock. How could this stranger have any idea of what was going on in her life? Perhaps this was a mistake. Maybe she should have told someone where she was going.

Alvina found her voice, “How could you know that? Who are you?”

“Miss Vaughn, I am a member of an obscure group of individuals born to great power. Incidentally, you are, or rather, may become a member of this group. We are wielders of magic, known simply as Wielders. We set up this meeting with you to ask you to join us and learn to use and control your magic.”

Alvina laughed and glanced around the tea shop. “You’re joking, right? This is some kind of prank. Did Cara put you up to this?” she asked.

Alvina relaxed a little. Obviously, Cara knew exactly where she was. This had Cara written all over it. This guy probably worked in her office and was an aspiring actor or something. Alvina was going to kill her.

“I can assure you I’m quite serious. I have never spoken to your friend. The little I know of Cara Bradford, in fact, is what I have read in your file,” Archard answered. He watched her serenely.

“I’m not an idiot, Mr. Montgomery. I know that magic doesn’t exist. Everyone does,” Alvina replied, giving Archard a scathing look.

“Do they?” he asked. Amusement danced in his eyes. “Well, I had rather hoped you of all people would be easier to convince. But…it seems proof is required, and so I shall oblige.” He nodded once in confirmation.

“Me of all people? And what do you mean by proof?” Alvina demanded. Her eyes narrowed in disbelief, ready to walk out on him.

Archard didn’t reply. He stared at her, not speaking, not moving. He seemed to be waiting for something, but what she didn’t know. As he stared, his expression went oddly blank. It was as if he could no longer see her sitting in front of him.

A strange sensation swept over Alvina. It was sudden and smothering. The entire atmosphere changed drastically. She could feel it pressing in on her. There was an energy in the air, like concentrated lightning.

Alvina glanced at her arm, expecting the tiny hairs to be standing on end, but they remained undisturbed. Around the tearoom, none of the other patrons nor the employees took notice of the shift. Not one of them glanced up from whatever task they were working at.

All at once, every one of them stopped what they were doing. It was an eerie sort of pause, like they’d planned to freeze at that exact moment. Alvina had the feeling that they weren’t reacting to the change she’d felt. They were frozen. The entire room was now filled with statues, posed in a lifelike display of the daily life of a coffee shop.

It wasn’t just the people. The ceiling fans had stopped dead without a sound. There was a man sitting with his back to Alvina, he was wearing headphones and sitting in front of a laptop. There was some kind of video on his monitor that should have been playing, but the stream was suspended on the screen. The large clock on the wall behind the counter had stopped ticking down the minutes and seconds. Not so much as a drop fell from a single coffee maker or faucet. She could almost make out a fly paused in flight, suspended in mid-air, or so she imagined.

Alvina turned back to Archard in slow motion, half expecting him to be frozen in place. As she met his gaze, a slow smile stretched across his face. There was true enjoyment in his eyes. It seemed that her shocked expression amused him.

He leaned across the table slightly and asked, “Do you believe in magic now, Miss Vaughn?”

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I hope you like what you’ve read! There is more magic to discover in the pages of this wonderful fantasy book! Find out more about Alvina and meet her friends, explore a whole new world, and a few others, and reveal who wins in a battle between good and evil. Available today!

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