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What The Book? A Great New Podcast and My First Interview


What the Book? While this looks like a typo, and I was really trying to say something rude, it is in fact a new podcast. If you like authors, books or more particularly, laughing, you may well enjoy a listen.

In a sitting in the pub having a chat style, the hosts Dzintra Sullivan, K. Banning Kellum and David Atherton Cooper talk about indie authors, their processes, and in general put the world to rights. Always funny, always informative and just as a warning, sometimes a little sweary, it is a wealth of information and entertainment.

Why am I telling you about this, I hear you cry? Well my friends, it just so happened, I did my first ever podcast interview on this week’s episode and I talk with the hosts about my processes, inspiration, my work and say the word ‘actually’ far too many times!

The very best thing about it being a new podcast is it’s only going to get better. Wild, I love it already!

You can follow the hosts, their work and the new podcast:

What the Book: Podcast

Dzintra Sullivan: Amazon | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

K.Banning Kellum: Amazon | Facebook | Instagram | Editorials | Youtube | Tumblr

David Atherton Cooper: Portfolio | Twitter

As a side note on the previous week’s show, Dzintra set a challenge for writers struggling to work in such strange times. The challenge was to write a love letter to yourself, with the idea of practicing self love. Of course, being the rebellious sort I am, I wrote a love letter to humanity instead. Here it is. With a special thanks to my wonderful friend Dzintra for her inspiration!

A Love Letter to Humanity

Dear Humanity,

Even though you’ve broken my heart again. Even when you’ve showed your ugliness and your fury. Though you’ve abandoned me in our time of need, still from my soul, I love you. Even though you kill and be killed freely. When it seems you care only for yourself, I stand here watching, hoping, staring glassy-eyed. How I wish you’d look, notice, breath it all in. If only you could show the beauty that you hold, the real you, the wonder you could be, instead of the red eyes of anger and hatred that are your face and it seems, your truth.

The mist descends and in times of need, in times of pain, these times that have us all staring blankly at the walls all round us, I cannot be alone. Yes, we are fools to think we are invincible and to carry on scurrying like rats through life’s maze, but as fools we need guidance, we need direction, we need growth and most of all, we need enlightenment.

You could dry tears and smile, you could protect me and I you, not because we are the same, but because we are different. You could be the one to make the bad things seem bearable and the good things real. Take my hand and together we can dance to life’s tune and sing beneath the stars for no more than joy’s sake.

You are needed now more than ever, the love that you hold, that we could watch grow, hand in hand we could make it blossom. We could walk again, watch the stars, feel the wind, and dip our toes in the ocean. Not alone, but together as one.

If we could remember the beauty all around us, feel the connection to our neighbours, the Earth and the cosmos beyond. If we could be free, would we help? Could we hold up the poor and the sick and the needy? Would we love them?

If the shadows of fear that surround us, make us cry, make us fight, not for others but for ourselves. If they take the meaning and skew it, steal it, and watch it burn. If they place it in a locket close to their hearts, let it stew, let morph into what it is not, and then let it fade to nothing, was it all a waste of time?

Humanity take my hand, look in my eyes. The tears are running free, but we could lose it all in your embrace. I love you and now is the time for us to be together. Let’s be together.

Always Barry.

P.S if this isn’t gonna work out can I have the ring back?

Barry S. Brunswick is an author. You can buy his books on Amazon: 
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Dreamland Part 2 – The Masters of Light
The War of The Turnips
Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales – A Short Story Collection
Inner Outer – A Poetry Collection

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