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Christmas Crossword and Word Search for Kids


Hello, for a little fun I’ve made some printable puzzles for you. Check out this Christmas crossword and word search for kids. The word search has fifteen answers that are all about Christmas. They are the same as the crossword answers, so you can solve the clues to find out which words you need to find or find the words to work out the answers to the crossword, the choice is yours!

Word Search for Kids


Christmas Crossword for Kids


Crossword Clues


1.(11) You hang them on the tree and around the house at this time of year.

4. (6) We all get together at this time of year.

7. (10) A bird that tends to be eaten at Christmas.

8. (8) We help fly Santa’s sleigh.

9. (6) Sparkly and furry Christmas decoration.

11. (5) What you give and receive on Christmas day.

13. (9) He lives in the snow but melts when it’s warm.

14. (4) Hopefully it will fall from the sky this year. Brrrrr it’s cold.


2. (3) It is in a song with the holly and it can be poison.

3. (9) Hang them up and Santa will fill them if you’re good.

5. (4) Kids love to get these for Christmas or any other time of year.

6. (9) The 25th of December is ______ day.

7. (4) You put the gifts underneath this.

10. (6) The songs that are sung at Christmas.

12. (5) Jolly man that brings you pressies.

Come back soon for more great crosswords and word search for kids. Or check out kids corner on my website or my free fun book for more puzzles games and projects. Next week: Free Holiday Fun.

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