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Short Stories for Kids: Somewhere in a Tropical Ocean…


This week it’s a another one of my free short stories for kids on my crazy blog. Have you ever wondered what jelly fish talk about? Well, I have, and this is what I decided would be on the top of their conversation list.


“Yeah Trev.”

“You know we just float around in the ocean, right?”


“Do you ever wish we did some other stuff too?”

“Stuff like what?”

“Well, you know we just kind of drift and flap about with our tentacles dangling, just trying to ensnare some little fishies.”


“Well, don’t you think it would be better if we were more like sharks?”

“What on Earth do you mean?”

“Well, you know everyone’s always banging on about how scary sharks are, what with their teeth and swimming fast and hunting and stuff.”


“When we just kind of float about kind of like parachutes in the ocean.”


“I bet sharks don’t get scared. Do you ever get scared?”

“Scared of what?”

“Scared we’ll get munched by a turtle or something?”

“Nah not really, I just hide behind one of those plastic bag things that humans chuck in the water and they eat that instead and choke.”

“Oh, like sort of jelly camouflage.”


“I think it would be better to be like a shark, they eat turtles.”


“Nah, being a shark sucks.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Well people like eating sharks, like shark fin soup and stuff, in fact they kill millions a year as by-catches because they’re scared of ‘em. Whereas they think turtles are cute so they protect their nest sites and stuff.”

“But humans aren’t afraid of us are they?”

“Oh, their terrified of us.”

“How so?”

“Well what with our stingers and that, it turns out we’re the most venomous creatures on Earth so people don’t much like eating us at all. In fact, they do their best to stay out of our way.”

“Are we really?”

“Oh yeah, it’s official.”

“I thought humans ate up everything until its gone. Anyway, what about jelly and ice cream then? People are always eating that at parties and stuff.”

“No no no, that’s the wrong kind of jelly silly.”

“What do you mean, isn’t jelly, just jelly?”

“Well, that’s like fruity jelly and we’re like fishy jelly.”

“So, humans don’t eat us then?”

“No Keith they don’t.”

“Oh, sorry my mistake.”

“Why were you thinking about that stuff anyway?”

“I was just trying to think outside the box for once?”

“Don’t be silly, you can’t possibly think outside the box.”

“Why not Trev?”

“’Cos you’re a box jelly fish Keith.”

“Oh yeah, sorry.”

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