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Fun in the Car: 9 Family Games to Play on a Road Trip


With the school holidays upon us you might be planning a road trip. As we all know, road trips can seem so boring to kids with them constantly asking: ‘Are we there yet?’ Just as you pull out the driveway.

Many families hand their kids devices to keep them occupied but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of good old-fashioned family fun whilst road tripping. So here are 9 family games to play on a road trip. Inventive and fun car games for whiling away the hours while heading off on holiday.

1. I-Spy

The first on the list of family games to play on a road trip is the age-old game, I Spy. Using letters for older kids and colours for the younger ones, see what you can spot and get the others to guess. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s a classic.

2. Spot Car Colours

Get the kids to pick a colour each and see how many cars they can spot in their colour. No cheating though.

3. Look Out For Wildlife

Not technically a game, more of an activity. Keep your eyes open for wildlife as you pass by. It’s amazing what you can see, from kestrels hovering over the motorway to kangaroos bouncing through the fields by the road side.

4. Car Number Plate Game

The car number plate game is one of the great family games to play on a road trip. See what words you can make out of the number plates on the cars you see. Educational and fun – double whammy!

5. Waving Game

Try the waving game. It’s simple, wave out the windows and see who waves back. Only the fun people ever do! Or get the truckies to blow their air horn that’s even better.

6. Would You Rather

This is one of the good family games to play on a road trip. Simple and funny, take it in turns to ask the question, would you rather? For example, would you rather eat dirt or sand? Or would you rather have a space rocket or a submarine? Be inventive and you can play this all the way there.

7. Imagine a world

Simply come up with some strange thing that would be funny if the world was really like that. For example, imagine a world where people rode ostriches to school or imagine a world where bugs were as big as elephants!

8. Third favourites

We don’t care what your favourite is. We don’t even care what your second favourite is. We’re only interested in your third favourite. It’s a far harder question to answer than you might think. The more obscure the better. For example, what is your third favourite item of clothing?

9. Sing Songs

Okay it’s not really a family game to play on a road trip but my absolute favourite thing to do in the car is sing songs. Whether it’s singing along with the radio or singing classics the whole family can join in. Singing is the most fun you can have when stuck in a car or in the shower or just about anywhere. And if your family is like the Osmond’s or the Jackson’s you can harmonise or even sing in a round.

There you have it a list of 9 great family games to play on a road trip. Play some or play them all and your kids won’t be asking ‘Are we there yet?’ They’ll be wanting to go even further.

So, put the devices away and use the time for a fun family bonding session. It is after all, the first part of your holiday. For more ideas, check out my Facebook page for hilarious Imagine a Worlds, Would you Rathers and Crazy Third Favourites.

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