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A Funny Poem for Parents


Hey friends, this week I’m bringing you a bonus blog, you lucky things you! This is a funny poem for parents about parenting unsurprisingly. I hope you enjoy it.

An Ode de Parents

Oh you, who came home with a bundle
And gave up all your sleep
The joy will last a lifetime
But the fun will last a week
You love and hold and nurture them
And sing them into dreams
But you know the baby owns you
When you have to feed them when they scream

Oh you, who finds the answers
On the roller coaster ride
In between kiddo throwing tantrums
And a few more random cries
And then they’re up from crawling
And like a drunk man they can walk
Now you answer a million questions
Cos you taught them how to talk

Oh you, that decide to have another
Cos life’s not hard enough
And if the first one was as good as gold
The next one will be rough
And everything around you
Is trying patience all the time
Just smile and keep on going
Or you may just lose your mind

Oh, to those of you with iron stomachs
An armour-like thick skin
You go right through the daily grind
With a smile and not a cringe
And while I would be left spewing up
You don’t take a second glace
Making coffee, talking on phone
And changing poopy pants

Oh you, who juggle school uniforms
And pack everyone’s favourite lunch
Even though the youngest one is screaming
And the oldest’s pants are in a bunch
The dog is endless barking
And the goldfish just went and died
While the little’un poked it for an hour
To make sure it weren’t alive

Oh you, who dream of silence
And an adult with which to speak
You’ve only talked to children
For the best part of a week
And when the day is over
Whatever day it’s been
The kiddos sleep in your bed
Cos they had a scary dream

Oh you, who sacrifice everything
To help your offspring thrive
Me, I’m just amazed
You can keep them all alive
And I’m sure at times you crave the past
And all the carefree fun you had
You know when you had a name
That wasn’t mum or dad

Oh you, that knows it’s worth it
To know a love that can never be told
Even when you step on Lego
When you’d rather step on coals
You who are the needed
The leader of the bunch
You the multi-expert
That does a hundred things at once

Oh you, the superheroes
The shoulder for the cries
The one who has the answers
And the detector of the lies
So, I tip my hat to parents
Cos man they get it tough
To be there every moment
With unconditional love

Thanks for reading!! That’s my funny poem for parents. I see a little more poetry on the horizon, but check out the tales and rhymes section of my blog for more.

Barry S. Brunswick is an Author and Best Selling Poet.
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