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Halloween: Home Made Scary Decorations


Hi there, with Halloween on its way it’s time to get those Halloween party ideas together. Apart from the pumpkin whose whole life has led up to this moment and now knows he is doomed, Halloween can be fun for one and all. When else to you don the fancy dress and eat too many sweets? I think we can do that once a year.

So let’s have a Halloween party! And we’re here to help.

This is the first of a 3 part Halloween special series of blogs covering everything you need for a great Halloween party. Of course, as always, we encourage imagination and a bit of crafty thinking (no I don’t mean witch craft.) This week it’s all about the decorations. Next week we’ll cover some party food Halloween style. And finally just before the big day, we’ll have a spooky short story to read on Halloween night to make you jump out of your skin. Basically, we’ll be halloweening it right up!

First up it’s Halloween Decorations

Okay, any of us can run out to a cheap shop and buy some tacky plastic Halloween decorations but where’s the fun, imagination and most importantly the sustainability in that? To get the kids involved in the Halloween spirit,(excuse the pun) together you can make your own decorations using the guide below. I always recommend using recycled or up-cycled paper if you can. Here’s a guide to take your beautiful family home and turn it into a haunted house of horrors!

What you’ll need:

  • Some black paper
  • Some orange paper
  • Some white paper (The paper needs to be at least A4)
  • A pencil
  • A pair of scissors

Homemade-Scary-Halloween-Decorations-By-Barry-Brunswick        Homemade-Scary-Halloween-Decorations-By-Barry-Brunswick.13

­All you have to do is fold the paper in half, copy the shape from the diagrams below and cut it out. Hard to believe that Halloween decorations could be as easy as that.

First up it’s a Spooky Halloween Bat

Take your black paper fold it in half length ways, like this.


Draw half a bat on the edge of the paper. Use chalk if you can’t see the pencil.


Cut out around the shape, unfold your paper and there you have it, batty Halloween bats!


Now it’s Time For Some Funky Pumpkins

Take the orange paper and fold in half like this.

Now draw half a pumpkin on the edge like this.


Once again cut around the shapes and taking extra care, cut out the eye holes and there you have it funky Halloween pumpkins!


Now it’s Time For Some Scary Skulls

Take your white paper and fold in half like this.


Now draw a half skull on the edge like this.


Now cut carefully round the shapes, taking extra care with the eye holes and there you have it scary Halloween skulls.


Now you can join them together with string or stick them individually around the house. You can have pumpkins on the porch, skulls in the study or even bats in the belfry.

Top Halloween Tip:

If you’re struggling for a costume make the skull or pumpkin much bigger on a piece of card and you can use it as a scary mask. So now you have some cheap Halloween decorations that the kids can make too.


Come back next week for more spookiness with scary funny foods for a Halloween party.

Do you need help choosing your Halloween Costume? Play this video below to discover your next Halloween costume.

Barry S. Brunswick is an author. You can buy his books on Amazon: 
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