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Halloween: Funny Food Ideas

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Hi again, you remember last week we covered Halloween decorations for our crazy Halloween party and this week we’re going to get the food ready. Check out my Halloween twists to make food that matches the rest of the fun. We’re going to start with an old favourite at my family Halloween parties…

Squished Frog Sandwiches

This is an easy-peasy one. All you have to do is make egg mayo sandwiches and put a couple of drips of green food dye in, mix it together and there you have it. Squished frog sandwiches perfect for any Halloween celebration.

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Blood and Eyeball Punch

In a large bowl, pour some red fruit juice. Maybe a mix of red grape and cranberry or raspberry. Add a little lemonade if it needs sweetening and there you have a bowl full of blood. For the eyeballs all you need are some lychees, they look like eyeballs if anything does. Place them in the bowl floating in the juice and the effect is complete. Perfect punch for Halloween.

Healthy Halloween Giants Finger Nails

Take some sticks of celery and cut them really thin. They’ll look like huge greening fingernails with that lovely fingernaily crunch. The kids’ll never know the difference.

Top Halloween Tip: Label your sauce bottles Vampire blood for red and Zombie puss for mustard and slug juice for brown.

Scary Red Pepper Monsters

This is a really simple one. Take the whole pumpkin concept and convert it into red or green peppers or anything else you like. Healthy and scary there’s not many things that are both!

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Swamp Water Jelly With Mouth Foam

Everyone loves jelly and ice cream, it’s the perfect party snack but what if it was more Halloweeny?

To make Halloween swamp jelly, get red and green jelly cubes or crystals and mix them together before making jelly as normal, this will make it brown. Put in some jelly snakes if you want to make it more swampy and then add whipped cream. Swamp water jelly with mouth foam all round.

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Can’t decide who you want to be this Halloween? Then play the fun game to find out now!

We love to hear your results so don’t be shy, comment below.

Come back next week for a spooky Halloween story that’ll scare your socks off, ‘Janine’.

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