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Jokes for Kids: Part 2


I’ve been writing jokes for kids for quite some time now, so I thought I’d compile a few of my favourite ones. I’ve added a few limericks too, so it’s limericks and jokes for kids. Hold on to your sides and away we go!


Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘Allow me to introduce you to a couple of friends of mine.
First, this is Larry. He’s a jester and that’s a type of comedian. Though he’s not really as funny as he thinks he is.’


Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘How are you, Larry?’

Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘I’m doing good Barry, I’m ready to make you laugh as always. I’ve got some great jokes for kids.’


Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘And here’s Will Pinktights, the minstrel.’

Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘He’s an old-fashioned folk singer but today he’ll read you some rhymes. They’re a type of funny poem called a limerick. After you’ve heard his maybe you could even try and write your own.

Do you really wear pink tights, Will?’

Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘I dunno, you only ever see me from the waist up. It’s almost like someone couldn’t be bothered to draw my legs but you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you Barry?’


Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘Who me? Erm, certainly not.’



Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘And now on with the limericks and jokes for kids. Take it away boys.’


Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘First we’ll start with some jokes for kids.’

6 Jokes for Kids

1. ‘Did you hear about the rich baker?
He makes loads of dough.’

2. ‘Did you hear about the lying shoe maker?
He talks a load of cobblers.’

3. ‘What do you call an oak tree that recites sonnets?
A poetree’

4. ‘Did you hear about the shy turtle?
He refused to come out of his shell.’

5. ‘A man tried to sell the king an air conditioner unit
But he said he wasn’t a big fan.’

6. ‘What do you call a flat fish with roller-blades?
A skate’


4 Loopy Limericks

1. ‘There once was a man they call Arthur
Who had a white trouser disaster
The boy got the runs, shouted ‘Help here it comes!’
And everyone rolled round with laughter.’

2. ‘There once was a man they call Ricky
Whose tummy was feeling a bit dicky
He couldn’t hold it in, so he spewed in the sink
And called up his boss for a sicky.’

3. ‘There was a lady from coconut creek
Who needed something to eat
She took all her money and spent it on curry
And sat on the lav for a week!’

4. ‘There was a young man known as John
Who held his breath for too long
“Oh no!” I said, as his face turned so red
And his head went off like a bomb.’

Jokes-for-kids-by-Barry-Brunswick-Childrens-Author‘Oh, Ha, ha, ha! I hope that was as fun for you as it was for me! They were a wonderful bunch of limericks and jokes for kids.’


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All jokes and limericks were written by Barry S. Brunswick.



See you soon friends.

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