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Poetry for Kids: Fantasy Series


For my latest works of poetry for kids I am writing a fantasy series. With each poem being about another creature of fantasy. So, if it’s poetry for kids you’re after, check out the eighth in the series about The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight
By Barry S. Brunswick

From a dark, dark castle in a dark land
The blackest horse took flight.
Astride it’s back, a sword in hand
Was an even blacker knight.

Like a shadow, he’s raging on
Evil his intent.
His eyes are red, his arms are strong
He’s thirsty for revenge.

The White Knight stole his love, you see
And his soul was torn in half.
Over time in his broken dreams
It poisoned his torn heart

So, for years he stewed in the bitter cold
In his castle on the hill.
Plotting, planning angrily
The White Knight would he kill.

And after many years had passed and gone
And his evil hatred burned.
He headed out on a journey long
Towards a distant land.

And all the way he growled with rage
Through the valleys and the woods.
And through the haze for many days
Onlookers trembled where they stood.

And all at once when the golden sun
Was setting in the west.
He spied the city on the hill
The target of his quest.

He thundered loud and shook the ground
And rumbled to the gate.
The alarm did sound, guards gathered round
To help him meet his fate.

The knight practised well, he cast a spell
And he did turn to mist.
The archers yelled, a volley from hell
Somehow still they missed.

He took some down, the rest turned around
And screaming they did flee.
The time was now, he dispersed the crowds
And hunted for his enemy.

He jumped from his horse, burst in the door
Where the trembling White Knight stood.
He wasn’t brave, he was so afraid
As a warrior, was no good.

The Black Knight’s smile burned his bright red eyes
He raised his sword above his head.
It wouldn’t be much longer
‘Til his enemy was dead.

He swooped in low, for the mortal blow
The blade stopped to his surprise.
Then came “Hello,” from a familiar foe
It was the love of his whole life.

“How dare you come here, oh Harold dear
And mess with my Theodore?
Now get out here, disappear
I just don’t want you anymore.”

“You’re rude and mean and a brute you see
And not even very nice.
Your armour’s cold and dark and really hard
Not good for cuddling me so tight.”

“Why don’t you go? Just hit the road
And get back on your steed
And go back to your castle cold
Leave me and Theodore be.”

The Dark Knight stopped, his sword he dropped
And had a frown upon his face.
He did a hop and got a shock
And jumped about the place.

It hit him then the truth again
Of how she brought him down.
She had cruel intent and was pretend
And bullied him around.

The knight dropped his head and then he said
“I’ll gladly leave this place
Your life’s a mess, I don’t care less
You’re welcome to her mate.”

He got on his horse, rode to the north
To his castle dark and cold.
From then he swore to not be mean no more
He’d be a knight both brave and bold.

Come back soon for the next in the fantasy series of poetry for kids.

Barry S. Brunswick is an author. You can buy his books on Amazon: 
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Dreamland Part 2 – The Masters of Light
The War of The Turnips
Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales – A Short Story Collection
Inner Outer – A Poetry Collection

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