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Things to do in School Holidays


Looking for more fun things to in school holidays? This list will get your ideas flowing. Remember to schedule in some downtime days at home, chilling out at home can be fun too.

Fruit Picking and a Picnic

Find a farm nearby (or further a field if you fancy a road trip) and fill your bellies with hand picked fruit. There is always a nice spot nearby to tag on a picnic to enjoy the fruits of your labour. If your lucky the farm will also have a farm shop to add some goodies to your picnic basket.

Camping in the Backyard

All the fun of camping with the luxury of your own loo! This is a great idea when you are nearing the end of the holidays, when funds might be running low but you still want to pack in loads of fun to the last few days before school starts. Bring the family together with some outside sing-a-along music and organise a treasure hunt before falling asleep watching the stars.

Slip and Slide Party

You can go crazy and buy a slip and slide kit or make your own slide. Get the kids involved in the set up and the fun begins even before the slide is ready! Add a few pool toys and have races, maybe even create your own water themed Olympics.

Create Your Own Kite

Let’s go fly a kite! I am sure there is a song about this activity. If you are the creative type you can make your own kite or there are plenty of choices to buy one – but for me, creating is half the fun. When you are ready to fly the kite, head to the beach or an open space away of overhead obstacles and let it soar up to the clouds.

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