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The Things that Happen on Earth: A Poem by Barry S. Brunswick

This week for my blog I’ve written a poem that’s not in my usual style. This is about humanity, about the arguments we have, about how divided we are as a species and the winds of change that are threatening to blow a storm. Enjoy and thanks for reading!

The Things that Happen on Earth
By Barry S. Brunswick

Muddled confusion, the reality illusion, the peace is shattered and cracked.
Immoral collusion, the times of unhuman, time to stop turning our backs.
The greed leaves it broken, forgotten, unspoken, we fight from the day of our birth.
The forests are smoking, there’s bags in the ocean, they’re the things that happen on Earth.

We wrestle for paper. ‘We’ll pay for it later.’ Our attention on such pointless things.
We’re killers and haters, or evil dictators, when we’re nothing but dust in the wind.
The air tastes uncertain, fog looms like a curtain, and we don’t seem to know what it’s worth.
The people are hurting and attracting the vermin, they’re the things that happen on Earth.

The promise seems hollow while facing tomorrow, we’re divided, we’re blinded, we’re weak.
The lies that we swallow, the rules that we follow, are different and twisted by freaks.
‘If they’re entertained, they won’t notice, cos they’re stupid and hopeless and we’ll keep them down in the dirt.’
‘They’re contained by their focus, worthless and helpless.’ They’re the things that happen on Earth.

We care not for others, though we’re planetary brothers, we don’t even try to understand.
Our family, our lovers, our friends and our mothers, are the only ones that we hold in our hands.
We’d rather be haters than beauty creators, we’d rather grow comfort in hurt.
We’d shun all our neighbours, for a suitcase of paper, they’re the things that happen on Earth.

A planet is dying, our nature is crying, but we’re far too busy to see.
While our leaders are lying, we’re senselessly buying and watching the world through a screen.
We keep on distracted while the truth is redacted, pain is the path that we’re walking first.
The right thing unfactored, society fractured, they’re the things that happen on Earth.

But eyes they are opening, the youth they are hoping, that before it’s too late we can change.
But they struggle in coping, on pollution they’re choking, and starting to shout out their rage.
The leaders seem flustered, their words are untrusted, it’s a mess and it keeps getting worse.
Each penny we muster, blinded by lustre, they’re the things that happen on Earth.

Before we drown in our glory, before we’ve finished the story, the progress is full steam ahead.
The future looks gory, while we’re shouting our fury, it’s just steam coming out of our heads.
The rich may just smile, through the last golden mile, little they know that we’re cursed.
The forgotten are piled, each adult, each child, they’re the things that happen on Earth.

Barry S. Brunswick is an Author and Best Selling Poet.
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