Halloween: Spooky Decorations


It’s time to get ready for a Halloween party! Over the next few weeks I will be helping you with all the preparation needed for the best Halloween party ever. From decorations to food and ending with a scary story to entertain your guests.

When we were kids, we spent many happy hours preparing for Halloween. Scaring each other silly with ghost stories. Creating disgusting looking food and making these fun decorations. So, let’s get crafting and before you know it, you will have transformed your lovely home into a spooky house of horrors!

Click below to discover how to make Halloween decorations.

Click here: Halloween Home Made Scary Decorations

Next week we will be mixing up some Squished Frog Sandwiches and Blood and Eyeball Punch! But if you want more decorations read on…

Halloween Decorations Kids Can Make

Check our my Pinterest Halloween board. Here are some of my favourite decoration ideas from the wonderful land of Pinterest.

Happy Halloween!

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