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Poetry for Kids: Fantasy Series


For my latest works of poetry for kids I am writing a fantasy series. With each poem being about another creature of fantasy. So, if it’s poetry for kids you’re after, check out the fourth in the series about The Faeries Three.

The Faeries Three
By Barry S. Brunswick

Once upon a time, skipping gayly through the woods,
Was a pretty little girl, innocent and good.
When suddenly from a toadstool, she did hear a sound.
They were tiny, eenie, weenie words from a little mouth.

“Well, well, well, little girl. We are the faeries three.
Come sit with us, little girl, and join us all for tea.”

“Oh, how I’d love to, it would be grand, but I think I’ll find it hard.
To sit upon your toadstool, for my bottom is too large.”

“Don’t worry for a moment, I think we have the thing.
A magic whisper in your ear and surely you will shrink.”
So, the girl bent low, and Dillybo, did whisper in her ear.
And the world around her grew so big, she was shook right up with fear.

She looked around, an inch off the ground, and jumped up on the stool.
Then Dillybo took the time, to introduce them all.
“I’m Dillybo, this is Piccolo and this is Haz Mcgee.
We’re at your service little girl, we magic faeries three.”

They poured a cup and steam came up, all purpley and pink.
The smell was pong, it lingered long, and made those woods there stink.
With a welcome hand she took a sip, and the girl got a surprise.
She started to feel all tiddly widdly, enchanted, hypnotised.

She stood up, all tall and stiff, and headed for the door.
Of the faerie three’s sweet cottage, beneath the mossy floor.
In she went, her mind all bent and trapped within their spell.
She cleaned the stove and washed their clothes; she scrubbed the couch as well.

“Ho, ho, ho!” Said Dillybo, he stroked his wispy beard.
For these faeries three were mischievous, sneaky, cheeky, weird.
They dwell down where the shadows loom, beneath the mushroom patch.
They plot right there, such vile things and plans they wish to hatch.

Only when the little girl, had the cottage sparkling with a gleam.
She never stopped, for a thing, ‘til every inch was clean.
Then she stopped, she sighed, she went outside, there was nowt there left to do.
She sat, she cried, and felt warm inside, and suddenly she grew.

“Oh, help. Oh no!” Said Dillybo, the brothers they all squealed.
“Oh my! Oh me!” Said the faeries three, their treachery revealed.
They tried to flee, the fairies three, but they met the awful truth.
The last thing they would ever see was the bottom of her boot.

Come back soon for the next in the fantasy series of poetry for kids.

Barry S. Brunswick is an author. You can buy his books on Amazon: 
Dreamland Part 1 – The Fabric of Dreams
Dreamland Part 2 – The Masters of Light
The War of The Turnips
Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales – A Short Story Collection
Inner Outer – A Poetry Collection

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