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Poetry for Kids: Fantasy Series


Normally I wouldn’t do two poetry for kids blogs back to back, but I’ve been feeling very poetic lately. So, this week it’s a hilarious poem about a tyrannosaurus. It’s a fun poem to read aloud, enjoy!

The Tyrannosaurus and Us
By Barry S. Brunswick

There we stood, in the shadows dark,
At the bottom of the forest.
Me and her could have never known,
What was in store, right for us.
There we kissed and there we loved,
With our future out before us.
I confess that’s before we met,
The huge tyrannosaurus.

We felt the thud, we heard the steps
Was it coming for us?
I crossed me fingers and me legs,
It seemed this land was lawless.
And so we wept and lost our heads.
“Do you think it saw us?
S’pose time will tell, with a bite from hell
from a huge tyrannosaurus.”

Its eyes glowed bright, and then were wild,
Its jagged teeth were flawless.
And I just cried, like a little child.
The thing, it was enormous.
We were broke and bent, our bodies spent,
Our faces looking gormless.
We shook, we cried, then tried to hide,
From the huge tyrannosaurus.

We sweated deep, in fear and grief.
“I think it wants to gnaw us!”
It was time to go, but instead we froze,
At the thing, that stood before us.
I said “My love, my dear, we’re standing here,
And I think he has it for us.
And I don’t think I can watch you die, by big tyrannosaurus.”

It sniffed the air and licked its lips.
It had us stuck there cornered.
And opened wide ‘til we saw inside,
The teeth were just ginormous.
“But if we don’t move, then he can’t see,
What Jurassic Park has taught us.”
But it don’t work out quite that way,
With a huge tyrannosaurus.

It swooped down low,
It sniffed its nose,
And then it tried to paw us.
In we went, to its massive mouth,
It had no need to jaw us.
One big swallow and we were gone.
Looks like fate had caught us.
It was warm and humid and damp and dark,
In the huge tyrannosaurus.

An hour passed,
Its belly rumbled,
It felt a little nauseous.
Then it spewed and we fell out,
And splattered on the floor us.
I shook me fist, said. “Dino dear,
You may well just abhor us.
Cos humans taste like smelly socks,
To a huge tyrannosaurus.”

How we laughed as the beast went green.
“I think it needs a toilet!”
“That showed you oh dino dear!”
We were yelling out in chorus.
“Yeah that taught me,” the dino said.
“You could’ve maybe warned us.
That human meat just don’t agree, with a huge tyrannosaurus.”


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Barry S. Brunswick is an author. You can buy his books on Amazon: 
Dreamland Part 1 – The Fabric of Dreams
Dreamland Part 2 – The Masters of Light
The War of The Turnips
Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales – A Short Story Collection
Inner Outer – A Poetry Collection

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