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The Diary of a Wizard Week Fifty Three: Unicorn Rehab

The Diary of a Wizard blog brought to you by Barry S. Brunswick Week 53. There is a Wizard sitting at a desk writing with a quill by candlelight.

Hey Friend,

Welcome back to the magical blog which follows my comedy adventures, The Diary of a Wizard. It’s the first stop for whacky wondrous wizardry and funny fantasy. My last adventure has taken quite some time to recover from. After my tangles with the Dark Wizard, I was poopeder than a puffed-out panther, so needed a rest. But now, you’ll be pleased to know I’m back to wizarding with—I would say a bang, but in my case it’s more of a blue smoky puff!

Now that me and my trusty magical steed, Horace have had some time to catch up, a few things have become clear. I don’t know if you remember when Horace and I broke up, but this was due to him being forgetful, scatter brained, seemingly lazy, and just generally distracted from his steeding. I must admit to a great deal of guilt for having not realised he had himself a nasty pixie dust habit.

That means, this week my only concern is getting my old mythical friend, to unicorn rehab. We’ll have to leave bright and breezy in the morrow.

Unicorn rehab is a bit like Betty Ford, but for unicorns. We needed to make our way to the jagged rocks and then to the deepest jag. I know it seems a bit crazy to have the rehab in such a difficult place to reach, but the thing with unicorns is that they’re mythical, therefore their thought process is a mystery.

We slept below the weeping willow on the first night, but it was hard to get any sleep with it crying all the time, lesson learned. We had to tangle with a group of grumpy goblins enroute, but Horace saw them off with his stabby unicorn horn and we made the rehab just before sundown.

The staff of unicorn handlers and counsellors allow the steeds to have a buddy for the first night so I was welcome to stay with him. We tried some of the cuisine and we’ll take the grand tour in the morning. The place is pretty awesome at a glance, and the food’s amazing. This’ll be worth the 139,000 shmeckles it’s costing me.

We unpacked his bag and caught some winks in a plush stable that’ll be his home for the next few weeks. I was pretty touched that he had brought a selfie of us together for his bedside. He’s a good steed.

We grabbed some brekkie and took the tour the next morning. Wow, the place is huge! There’s a swimming pool, a gym, tennis courts, a bowling alley, a cinema, and a huge library. That lot will keep him entertained while he does some cold turkey. It was with a heavy heart when midafternoon I left for home. We had many cuddles and even manyer tears before I wished him all the luck in the world in his recovery and waved goodbye.

I headed back home, but avoided the weeping willow this time. I don’t need such negativity in my life. I had to turn some mischievous tree faeries into to hedgehogs, but I caught some winks near the misty meadow.

I finally arrived home just in time for a cup of tea which could be anytime at all, frankly. I gobbled down some food and drifted off to sleepy byes with Horace on my mind. I hope he’s settling in okay.

Pixie dust addiction is a serious affliction for a unicorn and Horace has a long hard road ahead. Most battles we can take on together, but this one is one, he must sadly fight alone. I’ll write him everyday and when he’s home in a few weeks all I can do is support him and give him the safe space he needs. A lesson learned for me as well, is to take the time to truly check in on my friends to make sure they are okay. It seems I’ve just been too distracted by wizarding. The problem is, being a wizard isn’t a job, it’s a way of life. I run around helping everyone in The Enchanted Woods, so much so, it seems I forgot the ones that matter most. All I can do, is promise myself I’ll do better.

I’m gonna go write some cool stories for you now. I hope you enjoy the new shorter format. Comments are always welcome.

I hope the week brings you magic and mayhem, and don’t forget to check in with those that you care about, because mental health matters.

See ya next time friend!


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