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The Dwarves – Poetry for Kids

Hey friend! It’s been a while but I’m back with a new part of my fantasy poetry for kids series. YAY!! I’m really pleased to be back doing these, cos frankly, they’re fun! If you didn’t know it, this is a series of dark comedy poetry that both kids and adults will love, about different fantasy creatures.

This week it’s a hilarious poem about dwarves in a mountain.

The Dwarves

Deep inside the mountain tall
Is the kingdom of the dwarves
They mine her for her precious jewels
The riches and rewards
The leader of the dwarfy clan, was one so full of greed
He’d drink every single barrel
And eat everything he sees
But being greedy can make you lazy
And he pushed his minions way too hard
Endlessly swinging axes
Deep down in the dark
While he just sat there jolly
Profiting off their work
Always barking orders
And acting like a jerk
He had braids all in his beard
A huge axe down by his side
A massive brood of Dwarflets
And a squat and hairy bride
And while his family lived the highlife
The other dwarves strived day and night
Never stopping for the feast
They beavered away by candlelight
And when the dwarf minors
Begged him for a rest
He always said, he’d consider it
If they’d only try their best
On one cold night, down in the mine
The dwarves worked as hard as they could
Digging ever deeper
Deeper even than they should
Inside the mountain there blazed a fire
That lit up all the caves
And a deadly dragon, dark
After centuries was awake
It roared a hungry grumble
And opened its toothy mouth so wide
And with a fearsome snap and crack
Caught ten dwarves inside!
He crunched them up and gulped them
Deep down in his tum
And then he felt a rumble
Somewhere near his bum
And it was only seconds later
A boom came from the beast
And after sleeping for so long
Noxious gas, it was released
And over the next hour
It filled the caverns wide
Leaving all the dwarves
Stone cold dead inside
The moral of the story
Though it’s a little dark
Is never mine to greedily
Just in case a dragon farts

Come back soon for the next in the fantasy poetry series, they’re locked and loaded and ready to go! But if this kind of dark fantasy poetry is your thing, and you just can’t wait that long, I know, it’s hard, you can check out the entire back catalogue now. Don’t say I don’t look after you well. Thanks for your time.

See ya next time friend!

Barry S. Brunswick is an Author and Best Selling Poet.
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