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War – A Poem by B.Brunswick

This is an unusually sombre tone for me, but I wrote a poem and I wanted to share it with the world. Sometimes it’s so hard to understand humanity. You ask anyone you know, anyone you pass in the street, if they want wars, the answer would be no every single time. Literally no one wants wars, yet here we are, the same place we’ve been forever.

I hope sooner or later our love will win the day and the killing will stop. I think I echo everyone’s sentiments, when I say, we, the human race, earth’s children have had enough. When will they hear us?


The bombs they fell
The lives as well
After explosions came the cries
The hate was sewed
And fed again
Within the vicious lies
And you yearned for more
The soil you craved
Replaced with nowt but dust
The soil is yours
To do with what you will
But it’s paid for with our blood
And though no one wants
To kill and maim
It happens everyday
And our love combined, has no voice
To make the evil go away
You, the twisted soul
That’s blood runs cold
The small people feel your scorn
And none of them
Are at fault
For the coming of the storm
You bloody pigs of war
That feed and prey
Burn every boy and girl
You sit there on a throne of rubble
But at least you own the world

I will carry on the usual shenanigans and laughs of course, but I never want people think it’s because I don’t care, or that it doesn’t hurt me as much as it does the rest of us. It’s because that’s my way of spreading light. I make you smile and for a moment, that stops the tears.

I hope that peace is something that will one day find us, until that day, stay safe and keep on shining.

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