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Poetry for Kids: Fantasy Series

For my latest works of poetry for kids, I am writing a fantasy series. With each poem about another creature of fantasy. So, if it’s poetry for kids you’re after, check out the fifth in the series about a Pixie.

The Pixie
By Barry S. Brunswick

In the happy woods, lives a happy chap.
With his pixie boots and his blue bell hat.
Beneath the trees in the summers air,
He sprinkles pixie dust everywhere.

“Oh, look at me, happy free.”
That he sings so merrily.
Across the leaves or amongst the flowers.
Playing daily for many hours.

Then one day fluttered by,
A big and pretty butterfly.
“Hello there.” The pixie said.
And sprinkled dust upon its head.

And with a flash and a magic word,
The butterfly turned into a bird.
The pixie smiled at the bird of blue.
“Now you’re better, look at you.”

But the bird was grumpy just because
It was happy the way it was.
It flew off with a huff.
It had to somehow tell its love.

The tricky pixie proudly smiled.
And ‘Tee hee hee’d’ like a little child.
“Oh what more good can I do today?”
That’s when a squirrel came his way.

“I know squirrel what would be grand.”
And he took some dust into his hand.
He blew the powder everywhere,
And the squirrel turned into a bear.

But the bear’s great weight did snap the bough,
And the bear fell down onto the ground.
The beast just growled and grumbled off,
Because it was happy the way it was.

Never ever on another day,
Could the squirrel go back to its drey.
And just in case you hadn’t guessed,
That’s the name of a squirrel’s nest.

The pixie giggled “Hey hey hey!
The squirrel’s happy now I’d say.”
So, the pixie went skipping on
Until he came to the slimy pond.

And sitting there upon a log
Was a big and green and slimy frog.
The pixie laughed and danced and smiled,
He’ll change the frog to a crocodile.

He flittered over with a merry skip
A grin across his little lips.
The frog’s sticky tongue came out its mouth
And the annoying pixie was swallowed down.


Come back soon for the next in the fantasy series of poetry for kids. You can read more tales and rhymes on Barry’s blog.

Barry S. Brunswick is an author. You can buy his books on Amazon: 
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Dreamland Part 2 – The Masters of Light
The War of The Turnips
Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales – A Short Story Collection
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