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Poetry for Kids: Fantasy Series

Poetry for Kids Fantasy Series The Kraken

For my latest works of poetry for kids I am writing a fantasy series. With each poem being about another creature of fantasy. So, if it’s poetry for kids you’re after, check out the tenth in the series about The Kraken.

The Kraken
By Barry S. Brunswick

Across the rolling seas, back in seventeen and ten
There was a bonnie sailing craft
And a hundred fine young men
They sailed across the oceans wide
They were men of sea not land
With a sailor’s beard and an accent weird
And a fruit punch in their hands

They sailed so far and so wide
Upon the stormy seas
They followed the stars and the moon
And the ocean breeze
But then one day to their dismay
As they drifted on the drink
The howling wind now only purred
And the sails they went limp

They sat at the mercy of the current
On a path to who knows where
The boys they sang a jolly song
Like they weren’t to give a care
Those boys they sang as the night began
But soon the sailors snored
They only knew the same two tunes
So quickly they got bored

The ship it rocked, while the sailors snoozed
The wind still refused to blow
And with a bubble and a couple more
Something was dwelling down below
Snaky limbs broke the surface
And the sea did quickly blacken
Up came beast from below the waves
It was the huge and deadly Kraken

It wrapped its arms around the ship
And the wood it bowed and creaked
A hundred fine and angry men
Were woken from their sleep
They left their hammocks, grabbed their swords
And headed for the deck
And not a thing could prepare them
For what would happen next

They slashed the beasts with steely blades
To scare the creature off
This was a fight they’d like to win
But it was one they surely lost
The boat it cracked and then it snapped
And the sea came rushing in
And a hundred cold and frightened men
Went for a little swim

The beast was big and like a squid
With a beak just like a bird
And I would say it’d cut you in two
But it would in fact, be thirds
Its eyes were huge and wide and cold
Arms were really strong
With a thousand suckers attached to each
Stretching fifty metres long

Before much time the bonnie boys
Were bobbing in the sea
And the Kraken ate a lot of them
Leaving only three
They drifted and the fear they felt
They knew they would be next
But then something happened
That they could not expect

Bubbling up from the depths below
With the sailors so afraid
Came a pair of lovely girls
Well at least they were mermaids
Their beauty glinted silver
By the magic of the moon
One had a spear gun in her hand
The other a harpoon

While the sailors watched on amazingly
The fish ladies set to work
Battling with the Kraken
While it was tryna go berserk
It reached out its long strong arms
To grab itself some lunch
The Kraken’s never happier
When it has mermaids to munch

But the girls were quick and they were strong
And though the beastie it was huge
They just set to work
And fired the harpoon
They stabbed and scratched and fought it back
When many would have fled
But after more than half an hour
The mighty beast was dead

The sailors cheered and lost their fear
The mermaids had done their job
But they didn’t leave the beast alone
They began to slash and chop
And then at once they all could see
The mermaids had the beast
And then they brought the sailors over
For a calamari feast

Come back soon for the next in the fantasy series of poetry for kids.

Barry S. Brunswick is an Author and Best Selling Poet.
You can buy his books on Amazon: 
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