The Good Cop and Bad Cop of Parenting

One question I’m asked constantly by mothers is why is dad always the fun one?

Studies show mothers feel like the task master in the family and the one who makes sure home work is done, appointments made, and discipline installed. The problem with all that is, it’s boring right?

Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales: 3 Short Stories

Allow me to tell you three tales about three tales. My latest creation, Barry S. Brunswick’s Tall Tales, is a collection of very different short stories and colourful illustrations brought together for one book. This is the story of how they happened.

Why is Kids Imagination Important?

Imagination Definition: the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

Kids imagination is the most powerful tool that we, the human family, have ever had. Without imagination, could Galileo have looked through a telescope at the stars for the first time? Could Einstein have dreamed up his special theory of relativity?

Do you Want to Make the World a Better Place?

Making the world a better place sounds like an impossible task. How can one little person make the world a better place? It’s not as hard as you think it is, you know.

All it takes is one person to make another person’s life better. If everyone makes someone’s life better, don’t you agree in turn, the world has to become a better place?

Keep the Kids Entertained During the Holidays

With the excitement of Christmas and the New Years fireworks over, you might be needing some new ideas to keep the kids entertained during these school holidays. These ideas will spark the imagination and get the creative juices flowing, all without using devices!