Fun Things to do in the School Holidays

With the excitement of Christmas and the New Years fireworks over, you might be needing some new ideas to keep the kids entertained. These ideas for fun things to do in the school holidays will spark the imagination and get the creative juices flowing, all without using devices!

Christmas Crossword and Word Search for Kids

Hello, for a little fun I’ve made some printable puzzles for you. Check out this Christmas crossword and word search for kids. The word search has fifteen answers that are all about Christmas. They are the same as the crossword answers, so you can solve the clues to find out which words you need to find or find the words to work out the answers to the crossword, the choice is yours!

Left Over Turkey Recipes: Turkey and Ham Pie

After the Christmas dinner is over and the family have all gone home, what are you left with? Lots and lots of leftover turkey and probably some Christmas ham, so unless you want turkey or ham sandwiches every day for a month, finding some good left over turkey recipes to use it up in a lip smackingly delicious way is what you need. Here is my one of my favourite left over turkey recipes: Turkey and Ham Pie.

Funny Poems for Kids: A Poem that has Nothing to do with Christmas

With Christmas almost here, everything around you is, Christmas this and Christmas that, and as part of my funny poems for kids blogs that I like to do from time to time (I was a poet long before I was a storyteller), I thought now was a great time of year to publish one. So, let’s forget the shopping, the stress and the high street vampires trying to bleed us dry and just have a bit of a laugh. So this time my funny poem for kids is: A Poem That Has Nothing to do with Christmas.

Best Gifts for Nieces and Nephews for Christmas and Birthdays

When it comes to picking the Best Gifts For Nieces and Nephews in the modern world, we tend to choose gifts for children that keep them occupied. Electrical gifts or toys are what people tend to opt for. Especially when the whole ‘Look who buys the best gifts for the kid’s attitude’ kicks in.

Kids Activities on the Beach: What You May Find in a Rockpool

I’m one of those lucky people who lives near the beach and one of my favourite things to do is wait for the tide to go out and take a look at the new residents of the rockpools. They’re so full of life and forever changing. You never quite know what you might find.

Halloween: Funny Food Ideas

Hi again, you remember last week we covered Halloween decorations for our crazy Halloween party and this week we’re going to get the food ready. Check out my Halloween twists to make food that matches the rest of the fun. We’re going to start with an old favourite at my family Halloween parties…

Halloween: Home Made Scary Decorations

Hi there, with Halloween on its way it’s time to get those Halloween party ideas together. Apart from the pumpkin whose whole life has led up to this moment and now knows he is doomed, Halloween can be fun for one and all. When else to you don the fancy dress and eat too many sweets? I think we can do that once a year.

So let’s have a Halloween party! And we’re here to help.

Fun in the Car: 9 Family Games to Play on a Road Trip

With the school holidays upon us you might be planning a road trip. As we all know, road trips can seem so boring to kids with them constantly asking: ‘Are we there yet?’ Just as you pull out the driveway.

Fun Facts About Dinosaurs to Teach Your Kids

Who doesn’t love a dinosaur? I mean, the thought of real-life monsters roaming the real-life earth millions and millions of years ago. As for me, I’ve been fascinated by dinosaurs ever since I was little and your kids probably are to. So here are some fun facts about dinosaurs to teach your kids and the answers to the questions your kids will ask about dinosaurs.

The Benefits of Being Mindful

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very wide subject and you can go into it as deeply as you want. What it means is for mind and body to be in a state of present. To be where you are, doing what you’re doing, without distraction from the next task or what the future will hold.

The Good Cop and Bad Cop of Parenting

One question I’m asked constantly by mothers is why is dad always the fun one?

Studies show mothers feel like the task master in the family and the one who makes sure home work is done, appointments made, and discipline installed. The problem with all that is, it’s boring right?

Barry Brunswick’s Tall Tales: 3 Short Stories

Allow me to tell you three tales about three tales. My latest creation, Barry S. Brunswick’s Tall Tales, is a collection of very different short stories and colourful illustrations brought together for one book. This is the story of how they happened.

Why is Kids Imagination Important?

Imagination Definition: the ability of the mind to be creative or resourceful.

Kids imagination is the most powerful tool that we, the human family, have ever had. Without imagination, could Galileo have looked through a telescope at the stars for the first time? Could Einstein have dreamed up his special theory of relativity?

Do you Want to Make the World a Better Place?

Making the world a better place sounds like an impossible task. How can one little person make the world a better place? It’s not as hard as you think it is, you know.

All it takes is one person to make another person’s life better. If everyone makes someone’s life better, don’t you agree in turn, the world has to become a better place?

Keep the Kids Entertained During the Holidays

With the excitement of Christmas and the New Years fireworks over, you might be needing some new ideas to keep the kids entertained during these school holidays. These ideas will spark the imagination and get the creative juices flowing, all without using devices!